Sunday, August 21, 2016

"One Thing I Do" Part 2

Philippians 3:12-16
God is not so concerned with where you have been or what you have done as He is where you ARE, what you are DOING and where you are GOING.  He is a God of the PRESENT.  Our lives can also be radically changed by stating with Paul, “…but one thing I do:”
Our lives can also be radically changed by...

I. Forgetting what lies behind v13b

A. To avoid spiritual pride

B. To avoid spiritual complacency

II. Reaching forward to what lies ahead v13c

A. To receive more from God than we've received. 

A thirty-year-old with a nine-year-old commitment never knows abundance though they may claim assurance in a past salvation.

B. To discover purpose and fullness in life.

Discipleship is aggressive, not passive.
“Reaching forward to what lies ahead” speaks of a hopeful view toward the future.
The pictures of tomorrow drawn in our minds today affect our present experience.
We live in disappointment because of unrealized expectations, in fear because of unreal expectations and in anger because of unmet expectations.
Christians do not merely have expectations but live in HOPE.
Expectation turns to anticipation when we see our future in God’s hands!  

III. Pressing on toward the goal of Christ - Likeness  v14

A. To live in continual victory.

There is little victory in the "knowing" of God's will. It is in the performing that we discover our victory and purpose.

B. To realize continued spiritual growth.

"pressing on" equals taking the next revealed step for your life and ministry.
The greatest growth of your spiritual life will occur when you SERVE God. There are some things that you will never learn without service.

These three steps are actually “one thing”...

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