Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Substance of Faith Demonstrated

Elijah – Faith in Faithless Times
1 Kings 17:1
Today, we begin an intense look at the walk of faith as it is displayed in the life of Elijah. He appears suddenly on the pages of Scripture, stepping out of obscurity in a big way to confront the King of Israel with his sin.  We need some Elijah’s in our day!  Today we examine the substance of Elijah's faith.
God can take a nobody and make a somebody out of him if a person will only believe in Him.
I.    Who was Elijah?
A.    Elijah Was a Common Man - James 5:17
1.   Elijah was an emotional man.
2.   Elijah was a praying man.
B.    Elijah Was a Courageous Man
1.   He Defied a Foolish Ruler
2.   He Denounced A False Religion
C.    Elijah Was a Committed Man
1.   His Designation –Elijah means, “my God is Jehovah.”
2.   His Dependence – His walk was bold.
3.   His Devotion – “before whom I stand” states his Lord
D.    Elijah Was A Confident Man
1.    In the Person of God
2.   In the Promise of God
3.   In the Power of God
II.   What Did Elijah Believe?
A.    He believed that God was real.  "As the Lord … lives"
1.   Atheism - there is no God
2.   Agnostic – you can’t know if there is a God
3.   Evolution - you can have life without God
4.    Humanism - man is God
B.     He believed that he would give an account of his life to God. “before whom I stand
1.   Faith Creates Accountability.
2.   Faith Requires Availability.
There is no greater ability than availability.

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