Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Last Arrow* (Part 2)

Every life is created by God and endued with unique purpose.  But He leaves it to us to discover it.
An abundantlife is worth fighting for.  Without it, all we know is an existenceshaped by the circumstancesand dictatedby others.
The Last Arrow - 2 Kings 13:14-19
Elisha was testing the desireof Jehoash for God’s full blessing.
How many victoriesare lost before the battlehas even begun.*
How many times in life have we thought God failedus, but actually, the only thing that happened was that we quit.
We must shoot the arrow and recognize that there are things outsideour control, and we must strike the arrow and take responsibilityfor what is in our control. *
The Arrows of Life - Psalms 37:5
It is easy to become satisfiedbefore we realize our potentialin life.
Tragically, too many people spend their lives working to filltheir quiversand measure their success by how many arrowsthey still have in the end.
God wants to deliverus and we just want to survive!
We can become so afraid of failurethat we never riskand so afraid of painthat we never discover how strongwe really are.*
Avoiding deathis not the same as pursuing life.*
Not quitting does not mean to keep doing the samething the sameway while continuing to fail. That would be called insanity.
Passionand Urgency
Passionis about what fuels us; urgencyis about how much it matters right now.*
The most importantthings in life rarely come with urgency.
Tomorrowis not our friend today.  
The Last Arrow isn’t about what you cando or coulddo; it’s about what you mustdo.*

*Adapted From: The Last Arrow: Save Nothing for the Next Life-
Erwin Raphael

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