Sunday, November 22, 2020

The Language of Discontent Part 2

 The Language of Discontent Part 2

Philippians 2:14-16

It is quite obvious that the circumstances of our world today offer opportunity for individuals to have conversations about how difficult things are.  For the Christian, complaining is personally destructive, spiritually debilitating and only serves to make our witness to the world more difficult.    

Three types of complainers found in scripture:  

I.    Boo Birds Exodus 15:23-24   

·    This is the attitude of Second Guessers.

II.  Chronic Complainers Exodus 16:2

·    Complaining is a demonstration of a heart of ingratitude.

·    We speak our world into existence.

·    We change our world by changing our speech.

·    Children are receptors and reflectors.

·    Complaint is a confession of defeat, not faith.

III.  Authority Rebels  Numbers 16:2-3

•   Spiritual pride was the downfall of these.

Lamenting and Thanksgiving

·    The sharing of a burden to God shows trust in Him as the One who can change our condition.

Lament is a Form of Praise

·    Praise is both thanksgiving for the past and trust for the future, even when poured out in pain

Lament is Proof of a Relationship

·    A lament is the intimate sharing of trouble and pain with a caring Father. 

·    What good does it do for God to speak until we are ready to listen and trust Him?

Lament is a Prayer for God to Act

·    Prayer is not passive but a call for action from an omnipotent and compassionate God.

·    Prayer is a part of the action of God to meet our needs through His Spirit in us.

Lament is a Path to Thanksgiving

·    Lament is not our final prayer. It is a prayer in the meantime.

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