Sunday, May 7, 2023

What Do These Stones Mean?

 What Do These Stones Mean?

(If These Walls Could Speak...)

Joshua 4

It is important to pass on the reminders of God’s faithfulness to the next generation so they will know that God has been faithful and will continue to be faithful. Part of that story of faithfulness comes from the body of Christ and the church we worship in. How has God been faithful to you? Pass it on to those who follow in your footsteps.

I. These Stones Mean God Has Helped Us

A spiritual marker is a time in your life when you know God has revealed His presence and power in your life. 

The meaning of these stones of remembrance is simple: GOD IS ABLE!

We Remember Today God's Work In Us 

God's Work Through Worship

God's Work Through Fellowship

  • Hearts of Compassion 
  • Hands of Help 
  • Voices of Support 
  • Arms of Belonging

Where has the church blessed your life?



Dedication of a Child




Lord’s Supper

Commissioning for Missions

Licensing and Ordaining of Ministers

God's Work Through Presence 

A symbol of the presence of God in this community

II. These Stones Mean That Each Succeeding Generation Must Be Taught About God

III. These Stones Mean That God’s People Not Only Have a Past, They Also Have a Future

There was no need for a memorial if this was the end.

In the brick of these walls are the echoes of the praises and testimonies of the past.

IV. These Stones Mean That God Has a Purpose for His People 

Living Stones = people who are purposed to carry out the work begun by Christ the Chief Cornerstone.

The foundation is not only the support of the building; it is the "source" of the building.

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