Sunday, January 8, 2017

Possess The Land

To possess the land that God has claimed for us we need to be courageous and bold because we have the promise of God that the land can be possessed. Where will your feet go?  What part will you personally claim? At home? At work? At school?
      I.         God's Plan For His People As Individuals Is Realized And Obtained Through A Corporate Vision
·      God always speaks in the context of what He has done in the lives of those who have gone before you.
·      The individual tribes and the people that made up those tribes would not have an inheritance until the corporate vision of possessing the land was complete.
·      The way of the Lord is to give a corporate body a plan that allows individuals to get involved and move into a place of purpose, calling, and blessing.
·      There is great significance found in knowing that you are a vital part of something much bigger than yourself that will lead you into purpose, calling, and blessing.
     II.         Possessing The Land Means Taking A Step
·      To possess the land requires you to take a step - getting involved and taking back areas which Satan has claimed.

·      The goal of Christianity is not isolation, but infiltration.

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