Sunday, June 17, 2018

Being A Top Ten Dad

Exodus 20:2-20
Every statistic says that most men are somewhere between dabbling on the edges of a self-disqualifying and self-destructive sin, or actually wading right into it. Let’s take a look at the application of the Ten Commandments to find ten things a man can focus on to be a blessing to himself and his family.

      I.     Know Who is Bossv 2-3

A man who does not know God, does not know himself, and lives deceivedin his estimation of his life.

    II.     Be Careful What You SacrificeTov 4-6

  III.     Beware UsingGod and Being Hypocriticalv 7
Those who use God as a personalreferenceshould walk under His control.
  IV.    Spend Timewith God and BalanceYour Life v 8-11
Prioritiesdo more than manage a day, they display the valuesand character of a life and maintain orderin the midst of chaos.
    V.     Show Respectto Authorityv 12
Respect in the home is absolutely a man’sresponsibility.  It is modeled in the way he treats his wifeAND all other authority.
  VI.    Control Negative Emotionsv 13
One of the most important lessons in life is how to handle negativeemotions.
VII.     Watch Your Eyesv 14
The best way to handle any temptationis to deal with it early.  
VIII.     EarnYour Way v 15
The most dangerous part about gossipis that it steals another person’s reputation.
  IX.    Be Honestin All Things v 16
Being honest takes courage.
Honesty is the key to good character. Without it, there is no confidence, trustor respect.
    X.     Watch Your Heartv 17

It has rightly been said that when we break any of the firstninecommandments, we also break the tenthcommandment.

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