Sunday, June 30, 2013

Solomon’s Folly and America’s Apostasy

I Kings 11:1-14
During the reign of Solomon, we find the most prosperous period in the economy of Israel.  His accumulation of wealth is staggering, even in numbers equivalent to today’s economic market. Certainly, God had raised Solomon to material splendor.  But, as a result of continued disobedience to the Law and the commandments, God gave Solomon over to his own wickedness and his people to bondage.  There are lessons to be learned from his failure.

Subtle compromise leads God’s people away from Him.
Unholy alliances lead to political pressure and can lead to rationalization of spiritual disobedience.
The next generation’s apostasy is the result of the present generation’s compromise.
What one generation allows in toleration the next generation will move to in excess.
Apostasy leads to bondage for God’s people.

  I.     Religious Syncretism

Today, this is called Religious Pluralism.

Multiculturalism is the idea that American culture has historically been neither superior to nor preferable over any other culture in the world, and that all cultures.

Religious Syncretism always results in separation from the One True God.

Chrislam seeks to combine Christianity with Islam demonstrating their ignorance of both religions.

II.     America’s Apostasy

The ignoring of history is a foolish and dangerous action.

·  To reject the Bible is to suffer the consequences of rebellion against the principles of righteousness.

·  To reject the constitution is to disable the strong tenets that support real freedom.

The rebellion against conservative Christianity and its convictions can be read as no less than rebellion against any control by self-indulgent individuals who have chosen to exchange liberty for license. 

Responsibilities of A Christian Patriot

1. Pray for your country and your representatives.

2. Let your voice be heard. Get involved in your country.

3. Vote your convictions and your conscience.  

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