Sunday, November 30, 2014

Reframing Christmas | Worship Fully

How to Assemble Your Christmas
Luke 2:8-20
The Christmas season comes upon us so quickly.  How you assemble Christmas for your family will greatly affect your family’s experience.  Actually, Christmas comes with a book of instructions!  When all else fails, read the instructions.
Advent means “                               ” and refers to a four week period of time set aside for                             ,                                      and ____      ____________
 to welcome and remember the Savior’s birth.
Home for the Holidays
                                    Christmas -                                    Fully –  
 Less –                        More –                        All
Follow the Instructions

I. Keep the                                        the                                      (2:15-16)

           Him and                            him.
The tragedy of life is that there are so many                    things that force out the                   .
The world shows little                                  to                                        things. (Covey Time Quadrants)

We must look for the                                            amid the                            .

II.                                  Casual                                                   (2:17) 

Our beliefs should describe who we are.

III. Take Time To                        It                                         (2:18-19)

                                           on the real meaning of Christmas.

Memories are                                  before they                                         .

IV.                                       Fully  (2:20)

Christmas brings the message of a                          life unto                 men.

Real                                changes                 of our life.

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