Sunday, December 9, 2012

An On-Time God

Ecclesiastes 3:11 - Galatians 4:1-7
Have you ever thought that there was a perfect time for Jesus to be born?  In the Christmas season we see a great reminder of the fact that God acted in just the right time when He sent His Son to the earth. As God’s timing was perfect in the coming of Jesus, His timing is perfect in your life. Just as the people of Jesus’ day didn’t understand God’s timing then, you may not understand it now, nonetheless, it’s perfect!

The sovereignty of God is nowhere more displayed than in Christmas.
Three perfect things - Galatians 4:4 5

1.           The Perfect Timing - But when the fullness of the time came

2.           The Perfect Gift - God sent forth His Son

3.           The Perfect Purpose - so that He might redeem … adopt

The Greek language uses two words for time:

"Kairos" "opportunity” – a chance time

"Kronos" -"chronology" – the orderly progression of events which is used in this passage

I. The PREPARATION of His Coming  (vv.1-3)

A.    There was RELIGIOUS Preparation.  Babylonia
A straying people were taken captive to prepare them.
B.    There was CULTURAL Preparation.  Alexander the Great
The Greek language spread so widely that the ordinary people become very familiar with a style known as Koine, or common language.
C.    There was POLITICAL Preparation. -  Caesar Augustus
D.    There was SPIRITUAL Preparation – The Law

II. The PURPOSE of His Coming (vv.4-5)

A.    Jesus came to FULFILL (v.4)
The coming of Christ marked the transition from the Dispensation of Law to the Dispensation of Grace.
B.    Jesus came to REDEEM (v.5a)
C.    Jesus came to ADOPT (v.5b)

III. The PRIVILEGE of His Coming  (vv.6-7)

A.    We are no longer SLAVES but SONS. (v.6)
God sent His Son to give us access to Him. He sends His Spirit to give us intimacy with Him.  Abba Father!
B.    We are not just SONS but HEIRS. (v.7)

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