Sunday, September 7, 2014

I Would Never Do That!

Matthew 26:33-35. 69-75
We normally have high expectations of ourselves and tend to place them on others about us in the church.  The violating of our deepest values produces the worst of pain and guilt.  "I would never do that" fails to recognize the frailty of man and the power of the tempter.  There are warning signs that can detour us from spiritual defeat.
Defeat is a process that can become a position.

I. Step One - Spiritual Pride - Matthew 26:33 (Mark 14:29-31)

Self-dependence in our spiritual lives can be a strong handicap to proper dependence upon God.
Sanctification is not without effort.

II. Step Two - Spiritual Laziness  Matthew 26:40 (Mark 14:34-40)

Spiritual warfare is fought in spiritual places.

Prayer takes TIME and to have time you must PLAN to pray.

III. Step Three - Physical Activity to Gain God's Favor and Prove A Commitment   Matthew 26:51-52  (Mark 14:47)

IV. Step Four - Following from a Distance - Matthew 26:58  (Mark 14: 53-54)

When your feelings stop you from serving Jesus, somewhere something got out of place.

V. Step Five - Compromise - Mark 14:67, John 18:18

Compromise is when you are in the midst of those who seek to destroy Jesus influence and are unrecognized.

Compromise is betraying inwardly if not outwardly.

VI. Step Six - Open Denial - Swearing and Cursing: Matthew 26:69-74 (Mark 14:68-71)

His failure not only betrayed the one he loved the most...he had betrayed himself!

But, If You Do…

I. Recognize Your Sin – Matthew 26:75  (Mark 14:72b)

II. Don’t Fear Brokenness Matthew 26:75  (Mark 14:72c)

III. Come to JesusJohn 21:15-17

From this experience Peter would understand two things…

                  No matter how good you become you will always need the righteousness of Jesus.

                  You can never out sin the grace of God.

Remember!  The reason we sin is never an excuse for sinning.

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