Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Family Legacy

Deuteronomy 32:7-9

Too many in our world live with no sense of purpose. Such a condition leaves people to wander aimlessly seeking temporary pleasure in whatever they can find to distract them from their empty condition. Sadly this same problem has impacted the family. Families without purpose fail to provide a healthy legacy for those who follow.

Families aren't failing; we are failing the family. 

We must learn to raise our families instead of our children.

I.    What’s in a Name? – Genesis 17:5
Whatever name your parents gave you, you will give it meaning.
Your name should be treasured for in it is your reputation, purpose, value and legacy.
II.   The Family Legacy 
Token acceptance of your name without responsibility for its reputation is thoughtless disrespect for those closest to you.

Family legacies are created by groups and not a single individual.

A family legacy is the overriding impact, influence and/or materials passed down to the next generation from the actions or resources of the generation(s) before.

The Four “C’s of a Legacy:

1.CAPITAL - Genesis 28:4

2.CHARACTER - Philippians 3:17

3. CONDUCT - James 1:22

4.CONVICTIONS - Romans 14:22

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