Sunday, June 30, 2019

Whatever Happened to Duty?

Luke 17:10
The great privilege to have been born or brought to America carries with it a necessary response from each citizen young or old.  The abdication of the duties of citizenship is destroying freedom as we have known it in this great country.  Whatever happened to duty? 
Being a citizen of the United States of America brings privilege but it also brings great responsibility.
Families, businesses, churches and nations function only as well as individuals fulfill their duties.
Loss of potential and disharmony occur when duty is not accepted and performed.
The significance of a man’s life is measured by the dutie she performs.
I.     Understanding Duty– Micah 6:8
Duties may also be referred to as “obligations” that are assumed with relationship, membership or ownership.
Not to perform duty is to steal.
What motivates us to perform duties?
  1. Expectations of others
  2. Fear of consequence
  3. calling on our life
  4. To gain appreciation
  5. Obligation from commitment
  6. Devotion to God, work, another
    Duty performed out of obligation is works.
    Duty performed out of devotion is fruit.
II.    Understanding ResponsibilityGalatians 5:1
Duty calls– Responsibility answers
Anywhere someone abuses liberty with irrresponsibility,
is injured.
III.  The Nature and Power of DeclarationIsaiah 46:10
Declaration is a social act.  It creates unity in a group with common beliefs or values.
It’s Time to “Declare” our faith.

IV.  The Value of Duty to OthersEcclesiastes 4:9-12

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