Sunday, October 20, 2013

Jesus on Worry

Matthew 6:24-34, Philippians 4:7
Worrying is an emotional reaction which plagues many of us. It is a self-defeating reaction to problems and stressors and does not lead to any practical resolution of issues. Jesus recognizes that those who fail to focus on God are susceptible to the destruction of worry.

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, but it does empty today of its strength.
“Worry” - “to touch or disturb something repeatedly, “to afflict with mental distress or agitation”
Worry = "fear in search of a cause."
Worry or anxiety is literally a "dividing of the mind".
“Concern” focuses on solving the problem and addressing the issue.
We are inwardly fashioned for faith.

"If you are going to keep your head on straight,

·      There is only one boss. v.24
serve - to "belong wholly and be entirely under command to."
What claims our time often claims our life.
·      You are better than a bird. v.25-26
Knowing who our Father is and His love for us brings great assurance in place of fear.
·      You are big enough...and where you are is big enough, too. v.27
We can be all God wants us to be right where we are, in who we are where He is.
·      God didn't make you a cut flower. v.28-30
The Cycle of Life Purpose = Dream – Vision – Goal – Accomplishment!
·      You can't live tomorrow until it gets here. v.31-32,34
"what if" - is the most futile worry in our lives.
By emotionally connecting to the future we experience what may never happen.
·      "First Things First" makes a winner every time. v.33
Organization does wonders to reduce worry.
Priorities give control and direction to life. 

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