Sunday, December 7, 2014

Reframing Christmas | Spend Less

Matthew 2:1-12

What is it you want to get out of Christmas? What is it that would make your Christmas wonderful and satisfying?  The Magi show us how to increase our level of joy at Christmas by looking for the right thing and giving in the right way.

I. Our level of joy at Christmas is directly related to where we look.

·      Our logic tells us that Christmas will be all we want it to be if we just spend more.
·      Disappointment is a major emotion at Christmas.
·      Expectations set up disappointments
·      There are no perfect Christmas experiences because humans are a part of Christmas and humans are not perfect!

II. Our level of joy at Christmas is directly related to what we give (2:11) 

·      They Chose an Appropriate Gift
·      Different Kinds of Gifts:
o   A Grace  Gift Gift - It has no obligation attached to it.
·      At the very heart of consumerism is dissatisfaction and discontentment.
·      Satan’s Lies in the Garden  
o   We don’t have enough.
o   God cannot give us what we need; we must get it for   
·      If we want this Christmas season to be different, we must learn the
secret of being content .
·      If you can’t be happy without; you won’t be happy with it either.
·      You will never get enough of what you don’t  need to make you happy.

III. Our level of joy at Christmas can be affected by how we spend.  (2:9-10)

·      Doing the right thing the right way brings joy.
·      Friends don’t let friends shop alone!

IV. Advent Actions

·      Pause and ponder
·      Invite Jesus into your “impossible situation

·      Buy one less gift this year and use that money to give  more.

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