Sunday, February 9, 2020



Acts 8:26-35

Faithfully keeping your heart and mind focused on God brings you to intersections; the points of connection that God initiates for you to take action, with the purpose of leading you to your destiny and affecting others along the way.

I. God’s Initiative Works by Sending One Who Knows Him to Cross Paths With One Who Needs Him.

·         God takes the initiative in Philip’s life by sending him to a desert place to meet a man who would be in need of the gospel.

·         Never underestimate what God can do when you are in a desert place.

·         God not only sent Phillip, but also prepared the man he would meet in the desert.

·         If God has brought you to a place of being perplexed and frustrated with what you do not understand, it may be so that you will be ready to learn from someone who can show you the truth.

II. Man’s Action is to Proclaim the Gospel.

·         The Atoning Death of Jesus

·         The Resurrection Life of Jesus

·         The Gracious Invitation of Jesus

·         The fact that God takes the initiative is our greatest motive for preaching the gospel.

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