Sunday, August 7, 2016

Climb Every Mountain

Isaiah 52:7
Jesus led His disciples up five very important mountains as He taught them.  While there was nothing special about these mountains in themselves, there is a need to learn the lessons that the disciples learned as they faced these mountains with Christ.

I. The Mount of the Beatitudes - Matthew 5-7  
The Definition of Discipleship

Too many have built their Christian lives on an interpretation of Christianity not given by Christ, but created in the minds of men.
The disciplines of Christianity are prayer and meditation resulting in a transformation.

II. The Mount of Transfiguration - Luke 9:28-36  
The Experiences of Discipleship

Experience is not the end of faith, but it is not opposed to faith either.
The greatest evidence of a valid spiritual encounter is not the experience we have, but the change that it brings.
When you are awestruck, you are silent, for there are no words to express what you see.

III. The Mount of Olives (Gethsemane) - Luke 22:39-46
The Selflessness of Discipleship

Understanding and experience both need the "garden" to determine their ultimate value.

IV. The Mount of Calvary - Luke 23:33  
The Cost of Discipleship

What God ordains for us, He accomplishes through us.
If all you know of Christianity is blessing without burden and reward without responsibility, then you may have missed Mount Calvary.

V. The Mount of Ascension - Luke 24:44-53  
The Task of Discipleship

A Christian IS a witness; for Christian living is witnessing as defined by Christ.

VI. The Mount of Return - Zechariah 14:4  
The Reward of Discipleship

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