Sunday, March 22, 2020

Miracles of Healing

Miracles of Healing
The miracles of Jesus can be put into three primary categories: miracles of healing, miracles over nature, and miracles of casting out demons. However, the greatest miracle of Jesus was His resurrection from the dead. From now through Easter, we will take a look at the different kinds of miracles that Jesus performed and how they make a difference in our lives today.
One clear purpose of miracles was to authenticate the character of Jesus and His relationship with the Father.
A second purpose of miracles was to affirm the message of Jesus. 
Jesus does not confirm the apostles; rather He confirms His word that is being preached. 
Miracles Of Healing.

I. People Are More Important Than Things, So They Tore Open The Roof.

·      In this story, we first see jesus looking up at the friends of a pralytic man.
·      The work we do in ministry will never be more important than the people for whom the work is done.
·      When the program takes priority over the people, it is the people who suffer.

II. The Spiritual Is More Important Than The Physical, So Jesus Forgave The Paralytic Before Healing Him.

·      Next we see Jesus looking down upon a man with great need.
·    Jesus always deals with the root, and ultimately the root issue is sin.
·      Our greatest need is not always clearly obvious – even to us.
·    We need forgiveness for our sins more than we need relief from our adverse circumstances.
·    For many, if not most Christians, we think that because Christ can do something, He should do it when we want it done.

III. Demonstration is More Important Than a Profession, So Jesus Backed Up His Words With the Demonstration of His Power and Authority.

·      Finally, we see Jesus looking around at those who were cynical.
·      The scribes could not see the man’s sins forgiven; therefore, they would not believe.
·      If we are not careful, the message can be lost in the miracle.

·      From this miracle the people should have realized that they had witnessed the very authority of God, present among them in the Person of Jesus Christ.

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