Sunday, December 6, 2020

Jesus Is ______ Part 2 Peace - Calming Christmas Chaos


Jesus Is ______ Part 2

Peace - Calming Christmas Chaos
Matthew 2:1-12

The Wise Men who came to see Jesus began a tradition of giving gifts to those we love.  The problem, however, is that the gift giving has overwhelmed many families creating chaos in place of peace.    

The problem is not Christmas, it is our expectations. We are looking for the wrong thing when Jesus is peace.

 I.    Our Level Of Peace At Christmas Is Directly Related To Where We Look

·   Our media tells us that Christmas will be all we want it to be if we just spend more.

·   Christmas can become a time of selfishness, weariness, depression and worry when it is focused on the wrong things.

·   Disappointment is a major emotion at Christmas.

·   Expectations set up disappointments. Reset the scale!!!

II.    Our Level Of Peace At Christmas Is Directly Related To How We Give

·   They chose an appropriate gift.

·   The true gift of Christmas is LOVE.

·   A grace gift is the proper gift.

It is the real definition of a gift.  It has no obligation attached to it at all.

·   The symbol of this rising religion is not the crescent or the cross, but a dollar sign.

·   At the very heart of consumerism is dissatisfaction and discontentment.

·   Satan’s Lies in the Garden

God is holding something good from us.

We don’t have enough.

God cannot give us what we need; we must get it for ourselves.

·   If you’re not happy without something; you won’t be happy with it either.

·   You will never get enough of what you don’t need to make you happy.

  III.      Our Level Of Peace At Christmas Can Be Affected By Doing The Right Thing The Right Way

·   The Kings gave within their limits and each gift was significant to who He was.

    IV.    Advent Actions for Peace

·   Pause and ponder.

·   Invite Jesus into your “impossible” situation.

·   Christmas is a time for miracles to take place.

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