Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Prayer of Agur: Part 2

Two things I ask of you
Proverbs 30:1-9
Do you ever find yourself frustrated in trying to understand God?  Theology is the study of God.  Possibly, this man of wisdom speaks from the frustration of all who fail to wrap their minds around God.  The more he sought and studied, the more conscious he became of his own ignorance and of God’s incomprehensibility.  While affirming his confidence in God’s Word as Truth, he asks God to merely do two things to protect him from himself.  His first request is to keep him from falsehood and deceit that he might live honestly with himself and others. 
The second request is a prayer we all need to pray with sincerity . . . 
“Lord, keep me balanced.”
When we do not define what “enough” is we enslave ourselves to the desire for “more”.
Many today are literally possessed by what they possess.
God does not want us independent.  He longs to be our provider and sustainer.
The amount of time you spend worrying about something displays your need of it and dependence on it.
Money creates wants as well as meets them.
The First Danger of Money…Poverty
Poverty has this great advantage over wealth, that it compels to honest labor. 
Poverty can foster bitterness against God.
Poverty can foster a sense of powerlessness and dependency.
Poverty’s temptation is hopelessness that leads to sin. 
The Second Great Danger of Money…Riches
The stewardship of your possessions is one of the most important responsibilities you have in life for the peace, security and success of your life and your family.
God is not interested in making you rich but creating a vessel through which His purpose can be achieved and His people cared for.
Stewardship does not begin when you are independently wealthy; it begins where you are.

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