Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Cave Dweller

Psalm 13
David is in trouble again.  It seems much of his life he was on the run.  This psalm was written at a very low point in David’s life.  He is a cave dweller seeking the attention of God to his problem. What do we do when it seems heaven is silent to our cries for help?  This is a common question and a difficult place for any believer. Can we learn to wait on the Lord when our world is falling apart?

. The Cave of Despair - vs.1-2
. He Feels Forsaken by His God v.1
When we are leaning on God’s promises we can bear His silences.

. He Feels Forsaken by His Friends v.2a
We are not the best counselors for ourselves when we are despondent.

. He Feels Defeated by His Enemies v.2b
. A Prayer for Help - vs.3-4
. He prays that God would hear his prayer.

David seeks God’s ATTENTION
. He prays that God would answer his prayer 

God’s answer may well be, “I’m working on it!”
. He prays that God would help him understand.
. He prays that he might not be destroyed.
. He prays that his enemy might not gloat.

Weakness will humble you!
David’s Prayer was both Precise and Concise.

. A Declaration of Faith - vs.5
The word “lovingkindness” refers to a love based on a covenant.
When I cannot trace His hand, I can always trust His heart.  

. A Song of Praise - vs.6
God’s deliverance in the past is our hope for His provision for today.
This Psalm begins with David as the Victim but ends with David as the Victor!

To hear God’s voice:
• Believe in God’s Promise - Hebrews 13:5
• Believe in God’s Person - Job 13:15
• Believe in God’s Provision - Psalms 27:13-14

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