Sunday, August 15, 2021

Worthy Living - Sermon Notes

Romans 12

I. Worthy Living Individually Before God v.1-2

The believer’s response to God’s grace is sacrifice.

Three “upgrades” over the sacrifices of the OT law:

1.    Living sacrifice 

2.    Giving ourselves

3.    Offering daily

The believer’s mindrenewed for action.

II. Worthy Living in the Community of Believers v.3-8

Three dimensions of biblical community:

1.   Humility – “not to think too highly of himself…” v.3

2.   Interdependence – “so 

we, who are many, are one body in Christ…” v.5

3.   Service – “let us exercise them [our gifts] accordingly…” 
v. 6

We are at our best as a church when we strive for humility, recognize our interdependence, and exerciseour unique gifts.

III. Worthy Living Among our Neighbors v.9-21

Hypocrisy is the enemy of love.

Believers should serve with passion, not obligation.   
Generosity involves our possessions, our hospitality, and 
our time


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