Sunday, July 15, 2012

Faithful Until Famine

Genesis 12-13:4
God has given us direct promises in His Word which we accept and interpret with our own perceptions as to how they will be expressed in daily living.  When life does not seem to match our expectations, there is a tendency to feel that God has not lived up to His promise.  What do we do when we think God has lost control?

I. Receiving a Vision Genesis 12:1-3

The birth of a vision occurs for us when we first visualize and receive what God intends to do with our lives.

§  This happens at salvation.

§  This happens at a marriage altar. 

§  This happens at the beginning of a new career.

§  This happens when a ministry is born.

II. Responding to a Vision – Genesis 12:4-9

Our acceptance of God's desire for our lives is displayed by following the revealed will of God.

GUILT is knowledge without obedience.

As long as the obedience required is in line with our desires it is easy to perform.

III. Rejecting a Vision - Genesis 12:10

Fear is the belief that God has lost control.  Fear replaced hope when famine replaced food.
The death of a vision often occurs when our expectations are shattered by things not happening in accordance with our anticipations.

When I cannot trace God's hand, can I trust His heart?

This is the beginning of the sin of unbelief.

IV. Relinquishing a Vision - Genesis 12:11-20

Note: Abraham did not build an altar.

The destruction of a vision can occur when we attempt to fulfill God’s plan in our energy and our wisdom.

V. Recovering a Vision - Genesis 13:1-4

When man's plans fail, God's purpose prevails.

How to Regain God’s Control of Your Life

1. Retrace Your Steps:  v.1-2

2. Return To The Previous Victory:  vv.3-4a 

3. Renew Your Walk:  v.4b

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