Sunday, December 22, 2019

The King Comes to Earth

The Christmas story is one that everyone assumes they know. People can tell you it’s something about a virgin, a babe in a manger and some shepherds or wise men or kings, but there is so much more to the Christmas story. When we are able to see things from God’s point of view the story becomes greater still.

·         The true story of Christmas is the impact of God becoming man and dwelling with us.

·         The incarnation of Christ denotes the union of eternal God with humanity.

·         It is not just Jesus coming into our hearts that saves us, but Jesus coming into the world.

·         This wasn’t a simple birth; this was an invasion of the temporal by the eternal.

·         Christmas is not as beautiful as it is powerful. There is no cross without a manger.

I.     The Reality of Jesus (Who is this King in the Manger?) 

·         The Infant is Infinite.

·         Since a word is an audible or visible expression of a thought, Jesus perfectly revealed what was going on in the mind of God.

·         The “Word was with God and the Word was God” indicates that Jesus Christ existed IN the Father not WITH the Father.

·         Jesus is not a creation of God but is God Himself.

·            The Christ is the Creator.

·         Not only was Jesus an agent of creation, He was the reason for the creation!

·         The Lord is the Source of Life and Light.

·         The incarnation of the Son of God, then, was not a diminishing of deity, but an acquiring of manhood.

·         The darkness cannot ultimately put out the light because light is more powerful than darkness.

II.    The Response to Jesus v 10-13

·         Immanuel is Ignored.

·         The Relative is Rejected.

·         It is sad that some will reject Christ because they don’t feel they want to change without realizing that they will want to change when they accept Him.

·         The Redeemer must be Received.

·         The whole gospel is in the little phrase “born of God.” Salvation is of the Lord.

III.  The Revelation of Jesus 

·         The Infinite became Incarnate.

·         The Magnificent was Manifested.  
·         His Character was Kindness. 

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