Sunday, July 20, 2014

Freedom to Be… (Part 2)

Galatians 5:1b, 13-18
The keys to our spiritual freedom were gained at Christ's death.  To choose to be free means leaving conformity to the law and its condemnation to walk in the liberty of the Spirit of God within you.  How I live is the true measure of how free I am.  How much of my life is a freedom experience?
Too many believers are still walking bound by their past, constrained in their present and anxious of their future.
“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” ― Viktor E. Frankl
I.  Freedom’s Requirement is Dedication - Galatians 5:1b
The demands of freedom cause many to return again to the bonds of slavery.  Galatians 4:9
Too many prefer law over grace and the comfort of measurable religion to the freedom and adventure of a vibrant relationship with the living God.
There are those who leave the controlling power of the world to submit to the controlling power of religion.
II.   Freedom’s Demand Is Discipline - Galatians 5:13a,b
Jesus’ gift for our freedom was not provided so we could suffer more from sin!
If freedom is not to become license, then we must discipline ourselves to be responsible.
III.   Freedom’s Guide is the Holy Spirit - Galatians 5:16-18
If I have been set free from sin, why does it still affect my life?  Because I am still a sinner!
Freedom works in us by yielding to the Spirit instead of straining in the flesh.
Without the Holy Spirit, and under the Law, our life is transactional, but living in Holy Spirit, our life is transformational.
The Holy Spirit does not work instead of us, but in us and through us.
IV.  Freedom’s Nature Is Love - Galatians 5:13c-14
Empowered by the Holy Spirit we live by love, not by laws. 
Paul calls us to satisfy Christ, not gratify ourselves. Galatians 5:1b

Freedom for the Christian does not mean one can be whatever they want to be but that they can become what God has made them to be.

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