Sunday, October 2, 2011

Location, Location, Location

Matthew 7:24-27
The words of this closing passage in The Sermon on the Mount are not just another topic Jesus is covering. In these words we hear a caution about ignoring what He has just spoken.  Jesus tells us the benefit of listening and applying His words.  
  1. I. All Men Are Building
We cannot help others build their lives if we do not first give attention to the building of our own lives.
We often confuse religious activity with godliness.
  1. II. Building Requires Making Choices
There are plenty of spiritual real estate agents in this world who will tell you where to build your house. 
  1. III. All Buildings Will Be Tested
    1. A. There is a test made by experienceJob 5:6-7
There is an equality to the storms and trials of life.
    1. B. There is a test made by inspection.
The architect is usually the best qualified for such inspection, since he is the designer and conceiver of the building.
We are not the designers of our own lives; we are only the contractors.
The Bible is our blueprint; it should be consulted constantly and followed diligently. 
    1. IV. Only Some Buildings Will Stand the Test
People want to debate the cause of the storm; but Jesus is concerned about the foundation built on.
The person who has a deep foundation...  
Trusts God's wisdom when life is confusing 
Relies on God's strength when they are weak 
Looks beyond the present heartache to God's purpose and eternal glory 
Relies on grace in times of personal failure 
Runs to God rather than from Him
What we choose to build on will determine what will remain standing after the storm.
    1. V. There Is Only One Sure Foundation - Isaiah 28:16
The cornerstone was the standard by which all the walls of the building were determined.
God is saying, “I measure everything by Jesus Christ.”
Two Main Components To Building On The Firm Foundation:
Intake - "everyone who hears these words of mine..."
Output - "and puts them into practice..."
The purpose of Scripture is not to inform, but to transform
Faith bolts us to our foundation in Christ but Grace holds the bolt.

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