Sunday, November 25, 2018

Faith is the Victory

Psalm 3
It is certain that life contains those times when troubles mount up and our life is disrupted. In just such a condition, the Psalmist found a way to overcome life's demands through his personal faith in God.
What once was your greatest joymay become your greatest area of bitternessor disappointment.
The greatest time of trialin your life is the greatest opportunity for the exercise of your faith.

I. Trials Consumev.1‑2

Troubles always come in flocksv.1
God is not known for His keeping us FROMtrial alone but keeping us INtrial as well.
The doubting world can bring no hopebut increases our fearv.2
If God's provisionextends only to the saintly, then we are all in trouble.

II. Faith is Confessedv.3

Recognizing God's protectionv.3a 
Claiming God's provisionv.3b

III. Prayer Consolesv.4

Averbalcry to express emotion. v.4a
As we cry out in spirit, so God answers in spirit.

IV. Hope Constructsv.5‑6

Createsserenityfor rest. v.5a
Createstrustin providence. v.5b
Createsstrengthto encounter the trial. v.6

V. God Controlsv.7‑8

A new focuson the powerof God in place of the problem.v.7

confidenttrustthat God will savev.8

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