Sunday, February 28, 2016

Authentic Christianity

The Great Revealer
“Persecuted for Righteousness Sake” Matthew 5:10-12
These verses conclude the list of statements that delineate the Christian's character.  Jesus forecasts the perilous path “little Christ” or “Christian.”
Jesus is stating not that the world hates us, but Him.
When you fight sin, you fight men. 
The world becomes tolerant of Christians but only to the degree that Christians become tolerant of the world.
It is no compliment to a Christian to have it said that they never had an enemy.
Self-preservation is often a synonym for selfishness and compromise.
Before the end of the First Century the Greek word for "witness" was the same as for the word martyr".
Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake (5:l0a)
Persecuted - put to flight, driven away, pursued
for righteousness sake – the qualifier
Christian persecution is suffering, injury, or other unpleasantness that is caused by one's relation to Jesus and His Word.
Christian persecution calls attention to Christ, not the one being persecuted.
When Christianity is lived fully, the hearts of men are revealed.
Not everyone with a martyrs look on his face will wear a martyrs crown on his head.
The Happiness (Blessedness) of Persecution
·       It is evidence that you are united to Jesus.  IDENTITY
·       It is used by God for PURIFICATION AND STRENGTHENING.
·       It is used by God to make us VICTORIOUS.
·  It is used by God to prove our FAITHFULNESS.
·  It is used by God to prove our VALUES.
·  It is used by God to give opportunity for Testimony of supernatural strength.
"For theirs is the Kingdom of heaven" v.10b
"Great is their reward in heaven" v.12a

Christ’s followers do not possess the Kingdom because they endure suffering but because they are possessed of the Kingdom.

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