Sunday, October 23, 2016

Lessons from the Potter’s House

Jeremiah 18:1-6

It is in the simplest of places that the most profound things of life can be learned.  Jeremiah was taken to the Potter's house for a very important series of lessons.  Here are lessons on both providence and potential from the potter’s house.  

I.  Lesson of the Potter's Way The Potter is Always at Work on the Clay Jeremiah 18:2-3
God often uses the commonplace to teach complicated truths.
The wheel never turns without the potter's presence.  Philippians 2:13
There is promise, potential, and possibility in every life.
II.  Lesson of the Potter's Will ...The Potter Shapes the Clay to an Intended Purpose - Jeremiah 18:4
·      God is the potter.  Jeremiah 18:6
·      Man is the clay.  Isaiah 64:8
·      Circumstance is wheel is the of life.  Isaiah 29:16
The picture of the potter is one of PATIENCE.
Clay in the center of the wheel (will) is ready to be fashioned.  Clay outside the center of the potter's wheel (will) is not fashionable for the moment.  Isaiah 45:9 NLT
For a person to deny the hand of God in life's circumstance is to lose the impact of the message.  PROVIDENCE is real.
The presence of the potter insures His purpose.
The existence of other vessels in the kiln demonstrates the POTENTIAL for the clay.  Romans 9:21 
God does not demand equal attainments from unequal potential.
III.   Lesson of the Potter's Work ... The state of the clay affects the work of the Potter   - Jeremiah 18:4a
Here arises the question of Sovereignty over against free will.
Life will either harden the clay or soften it. Keeping our lives moldable is our goal.

We yield to the hand of the Potter by yielding to His presence within us.

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