Sunday, May 13, 2018

A Shepherding Kind of Love

John 10:27-28
We all seek to know and understand this God that we worship, pray to and sing praises about.  While we know our minds are incapable of completely comprehending God, we cannot even begin to grasp Him without understanding His nurturing nature.  On this day as we honor our mothers, we celebrate the way God’s love is reflected in a mother’s love.  
The creation story identifies maleand femaleas creations of God.  Scripture has many references to God acting as a mother.  

I. The Love of God Is a PersonalKind of Love. John 10:27a-b

Home is the place I go to sortoutthe “stuff” in my life.

Home is where I can share my weaknessesand failures and still be accepted.
God’s personal kind of love understands our failuresas well as our heart.

II. The Love of God is a GuidingLove.  John 10:27c

A child underfootis a child under influence.  

You cannotnot influence a child who spendstimewith you.

A mother who attempts to controla child will fail miserably, but a mother who works to influencea child will find good results 

III. The Love of God is a GivingKind of Love.  John 10:28a

God gives His children what they NEED, not always what they WANT.  

Mothers find that “sacrifice” is just a synonym for “mothering”. 

IV. The Love of God is a TenaciousKind of Love.  John 10:28b

Like the Father’s love, although a mother's love can be rejected, it cannot be stopped.

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