Sunday, May 22, 2022

How I Lived Among You

 How I Lived Among You 

Acts 20:17-24

Saying “Goodbye” recognizes that something we value and consider essential to who we are, is ending. Saying goodbye is difficult, but it is necessary in our walk with Christ, our relationships with each other, and our own personal growth.


I Did Not Make My Service To The Lord About Me

More than wanting people to admire him, he wanted them to trust the savior.

Christian service is not about remarkable men and women, but a great savior who is able to save the weakest and guiltiest of sinners.

I Did Not Hold Anything Back

Conduct yourself as a proclaimer of God’s truth, not an intellectual, entertaining, people pleaser.

Proclaiming the gospel is more about obedience than conversion.

Finished My Course

Many people start well, but very few will finish the course.

There is credibility in completion.

·  Finished and completed were the sufferings of Christ.

·  Finished was Satan's stronghold on humanity.

·  Finished was the atonement for salvation.

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