Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Prayer of Waiting

Psalm 27
The beginning of a trial often brings trauma and the end may bring relief.  It’s the middle of the trial that brings the test.  How do we handle waiting?  God points us to prayer over worry in Psalm 27. 
Worry is focusing on the problem and our limited strength.
Prayer is focusing on God and His unlimited resources and power.
I. Preparation for Prayer of Petition  v.1-6
·       Openly Confess Your Faith in God.  v.1-3 
God does not show us the future but His presence in it.
light” must be present for “salvation” to occur. v.1
·       Past Deliverance & Faith = Envisioned Victory v.2-3
God makes away for us to be free from troubled hearts but not from troubled times.
The size of the problem is not as important as the size of your God.
·       Focus Your Heart on God.  v.4
1.     A dedicated focus – One thing I have asked from the LORD…
What we fail to possess in experience, we should not cease to desire in heart.
2.     A demonstrated obedience that I shall seek
3.     A desired presence that I may dwell in the house…
4.     A developed understanding – To behold the beauty of the Lord and to meditate in His temple
·       Claim the Promises of God  v.5
·       Confidently Praise God  v.6
Now That You Are Ready To Pray, Ask God To Help!
II. Prayer of Petition Is:  v.7-12
·       Emotional in nature  v.7a 
·       Expectant in Spirit v.7b
·       Obedient in Response  v.8  
·       Confident in relationship  v.9-10
·       Receptive of Guidance  v.11
·       Explicit in Confession  v.12
Coming out of the Prayer Closet The Trial Remains
III. The Prayer of Petition Provides:  v.13-14
·       Personal Strength and Hope  v.13  

·       Patience and Courage  v.14

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