Sunday, March 27, 2022

The Making of a Leader Part 4 - Submission vs. Obedience

 The Making of a Leader 

Part 4 - Submission vs. Obedience

Exodus 4:13-18

It is God who calls and equips believers for His purpose; therefore, believers must learn to submit to the call and purpose of God.

It Is Better To Be Inadequate In The Call And Purpose Of God, Than To Be Talented In Your Own Agenda

Being eloquent and well-spoken is not nearly as important as being scripturally sound

It is the Holy Spirit that speaks to the hearts of mankind and speaks the message that needs to be heard.

It’s Better To Be Submissive To The Will Of God Than To Offer Him Your Insincere Obedience

There is a difference between submission and obedience.

Obedience vs. Submission = Transaction vs. Transformation

It’s Better For God To Raise You Up Than For You To Insist That God Come Down

God will lift you to the highest level that you are willing to be submitted to him. 

Humility to the will of God is rewarded in honor.

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