Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Nativity Part 2

The occasion of the birth of Jesus is like no other; it is filled with lessons on how God is truly sovereign over all of creation. Jesus coming into this world to be the Savior didn’t transpire without a lot of things “just happening” at the right place and the right time.
      I.         The Devil Is the Adversary Of God And God's People
·      God did not create the devil, He created an angel named Lucifer.
     II.         God and The Devil Are Not the Same in Any Way
·      Omniscience - God is all knowing; the devil is not.
·      Omnipresence - God is ever present; the devil is not.
·      Omnipotence - God is all powerful; the devil is not.
·      Throughout biblical history we see the wisdom of the Lord out-smarting the devil time and time again.
   III.         God Fooled the Devil When Christ Was Born
·      First, there was the difficulty of the prophecies surrounding the birth of Christ.
·      Second, God chose a family for His son.
·      Third, God saw to it that the woman's purity and morality would be doubted
·      Last of all, God moved Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus
  IV.         God Uses the Foolish Things Of The World To Shame The Wise

·      Only when God spoke aloud, did the devil know who Jesus was because directly after Jesus’ baptism was the wilderness temptation.

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