Sunday, June 5, 2022

Life Beyond the Ceremony

Life Beyond the Ceremony

John 6:51-57

From a biblical point of view, Lord's Supper has deep theological and spiritual meaning. Jesus tells His disciples that they are to observe this ordinance in remembrance of Him. It is a time to remember what Jesus did for us, and every time we take it, we proclaim the death and return of our Lord.


Receiving the Life of Christ - 6:51-53

·  Where Eternal Life Comes From ... I (Jesus Christ)

·  When Eternal Life is Imparted ... Eats of this Bread (believes) 

·  What Eternal Life Accomplishes ... Live Forever with Christ 

Re-Centering on the Life of Christ - 6:53-54

·  Life Dissolves without Christ ... unless you eat

·  Life Evolves and Revolves in Christ ... raise up

Renewing Daily in the Life of Christ - 6:55-57

·  It is a process, not an act.  

Making a decision, being baptized and receiving the Lord’s supper does not automatically give you an abundant life

·  Sustenance Found In Christ ... food and drink indeed

·  Abiding Presence of Christ ... abides in Me, and I in him

·  Living Because of Christ ... will live because of Me

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