Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Master’s Touch

Mark 8:22-26

The New Testament records at least seven healings of the blind, by Jesus.  It is interesting to watch the various actions of Jesus healing these blind men.  In our text today, this man is touched three times by Jesus to bring about a gradual rather than instantaneous healing.  There are lessons to be learned from the crowd, the Lord and the blind man. 

The Expectations of People 
·      People Love to Be Entertained
Beware religion when it speaks more to your emotions than your spirit.
·      People Want to Repeat Religious Experiences.
Religious traditions are often the result of attempts to replicate a previous encounter with God.
Encountering and experiencing God is not tied to any specific methodology.
What we expect God to do is not always what He does. But we can be assured that what He does will be precisely what we need.

I. A Touch of Encouragementv.22
  • A Personal Touch
People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.
  • A Patient Touch
It takes time to heal people or help people.  
II. A Touch of Enlightenmentv.23-24
Trusting Jesus more means getting to know Him better.
The symbols of grace are not the substance of grace.
God's focus is on faith.
Symbols do serve to stimulate faith.
God is far more interested in developing faith in us than He is in our physical healing. 

III. A Touch of Enablementv.25

Jesus' touch will free us from the constant dependence on people or things.

The truth is that not everything becomes clear when we meet Christ.  We need the Master’s touch again and again.

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