Sunday, May 8, 2022

Meant To Fly (Part 1)

 Meant To Fly (Part 1) 

The Mother Eagle

Deuteronomy 32:11-13a

Mothers want to be liked but will sacrifice that for creating successful adults. Moses likens God’s care for us to that of a mother eagle preparing her eaglets to soar. There are many lessons we can learn from God’s scripture picture that can have great impact on our lives..


The purpose of a mother is not to make happy children, but successful adults.

There is more than just love in the actions of a mother eagle…there is purpose!  For, not properly trained, an eaglet will have a short life. 

The Mother’s Nest

·  Every infant needs a place of protection and provision.

The Mother’s Example

·  The mother eagle demonstrates flying for her young and they imitate her in response.

·  The mother eagle knows the objective of the nest is preparation for their purpose…to soar

·  The thing about learning through example is that we are always teaching by the way we live.

·  I can change my child by changing me!

·  Children and disciples indiscriminately imitate what they see.

·  Imprinting is what God does in giving us the example of Jesus.  (What Would Jesus Do?)

·  Not everything that ‘moves’ in the name of Christianity is the right example to follow.

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