Sunday, November 17, 2013

“And Besides This Add to Your Faith” (Part 10)

Stairway of Christian Character
II Peter 1:5-7

The Greek language has four distinct words for love:
·      eros - sensual love
·      storge - family love
·      phileo - brotherly love
Brotherly love is a reactive love not a purposeful love.
·      AGAPE - Divine love
Love that comes from our emotions can turn to hate.
God is at the same time a God of holiness and a God of love.
Agape love issues from the will, not the emotions.
Agape love is more than a feeling; it is a power which can change whoever it resides in and whoever it touches.
Agape love has the power to liberate.
True agape love is a reflection of the very nature of God.
Agape love is the culmination of our transformation. 
The power that redeems the world also changes the world through God’s children.
The evidence of love is not only an attitude; it is an action as well.
Demonstrate Your Love …
·      With Thoughtful Acceptance - Romans 15:7
The thought is the father of the deed.
·      With Grace-filled Speech - Ephesians 4:29
·      With Blessings - Luke 6:27-28

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