Sunday, December 3, 2023

Behold Him - “Behold the Light”

Behold Him 

“Behold the Light”
Isaiah 9:1-5 (CSB)

Key Truth: “God makes Himself known so that we can know Him.” 

Main Question: How can those living in darkness find light and life in Christ? 


1.    The world is in darkness(vs. 1)

2.    God has promised a light(vs. 2)

3.    The light changes everything(vs. 3-5)

After the Message: 

Read Isaiah 9:1-5. Ask God to reveal any darkness, or sin, that might be separating you from Him. Ask Him to forgive you of this/these sin(s) and bring light, joy, peace, and hope to your life. Then ask God how He might use you to share the promise of light with others around you this Christmas season. 

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