Sunday, March 17, 2013

Journey from Victim to Victor

    The Bible Series Week Three
               Daniel 2, 3
The book of Daniel, in our Bible, is named for the main figure in the story, who was one of many exiles forcibly taken from their homes when Jerusalem was conquered by King Nebuchadnezzar. The kingdom of Judah was ended by the nation of Babylon.  Stories in the book of Daniel give us some inspiring insights into how God’s “great salvation” changes us from victims to victors.
I.     I can be victorious because there is a God in heaven”. Daniel 2
Because “There is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries,” you do not need to be a victim.
Searching for answers to life’s questions requires contact with God, not counselors.
God is the only one who can reveal to us the issue and the answer.
Prophecy is history in reverse.
Jesus’ present kingdom is spiritual, but Jesus’ future kingdom is physical
II.     I can be victorious because my God “is able to deliver”.  Daniel 3
No matter how accepting a government may be for a season, there will come a time when it will conflict with a believer’s faith and practice.
An idol is no more powerful than the one who makes it.
Compromise happens when we sacrifice conviction for convenience or acceptance.
Compromise is the demonstration of a lack of faith.
Three Characteristics of a Faith That Will Stand the Test of Fire.

1. They Were Men Of Conviction – They knew what they believed and believed what they knew.

2. They Were Men Of Confidence – a certainty that enables reliance.

3. They Were Men Of Commitment

By declaring, "He is able" we honor the power of God, but by saying, "But if not," we give place to the sovereignty and wisdom of God.

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