Sunday, August 25, 2019

Hurt…It’s Personal Part 2

People don't always hurt us because they want to.  The very nature of fallen man means that we fail and, in so doing, hurt others.  Hurt is the most frequently experienced painful emotion and, if not properly managed, can lead to anger, fear, and condemnation.  Learning to handle hurt is important to all relationships.
Hurt is connected to trust and makes us vulnerable.
Violated trust causes us to feel we have been used or deceived resulting in hurt and anger.
Hurt, like hate, can feel like power but is pain.
Paul’s Example of Handling Hurt – II Corinthians 1-2
  • The pain of being forgotten for your service causes hurt. 
  • The questioning of our character causes hurt.
  • Being bigger than your hurt can help others heal.
  1. I. The Dangers of Unresolved Hurt
  • The Danger of Emotional Imprisonment by Hurt
  • Ruminating - to go over in the mind repeatedly
  • The Danger of Becoming Your Hurt
  • This is assuming a victim stance or martyr attitude.  Whiner
  • The Danger of Closing Your Heart to Avoid Hurt 
  • Losing vulnerability to avoid pain is not a healthy option. 
  1. II. The Rebuilding of a Hurt Heart
  • Confess its Control 
  • Realize its Consequences 
  • Refuse its Continuance
The Antidotes for Hurt
  • ComfortPs 147:3
  • Forgiveness2 Cor. 2:6-7

Remember God’s Power - Joseph

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