Sunday, December 13, 2020

Jesus Is ______ (Joy) Part 3


Jesus Is ______ (Joy) Part 3

Discovering Joy Through Giving More
Acts 20:35

Joy is a Fruit of the Spirit that comes with accepting God’s gift of Jesus.  Real Joy comes when we share the greatest gift we could ever receive in Him.

GIVE MORE doesn’t have to mean SPEND MORE!

The gift of TIME, the gift of PRESENCE the gift of RELATIONSHIP

 I.    Joy vs. Happiness

·   True joy is a “state of being” more than an emotion.  Unlike happiness, joy is not dependent on circumstances.

·   Happiness is based on chance. Joy is based on choice.

·   Youth and adults are seeking happiness and contentment through chemicals.

·   Drug users seeking a feeling fail to realize that MOOD alteration is MIND alteration.

·   Real joy cannot be taken by circumstances, emotions, or Satan himself.

II.    Discovering Real Joy Through Giving More

·   Jesus showed us the key to a life filled with joy through fulfilling His purpose.

·   In short, Paul said, “Our time among you was a journey of getting our lives and message into your story to change the story.”

·   Jesus is our joy when He meets our greatest need, as He found joy even in suffering.  Then, we find great joy when we re-gift His gift to the world.

 III.    The Joy of Giving More

·   The greatest joy we can know is in having a part in fulfilling the mission of Christ.

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