Friday, November 25, 2011

Share the Bounty Part V

There will be two empty chairs at our Thanksgiving table this year.  Mark’s mom and dad both passed away within 32 days of one another this past summer.  As I’ve been cooking and preparing for our Thanksgiving meal, my heart is FULL and the tears FLOW as I reminisce over the Thanksgiving’s of the past when we were all together.  We were so blessed  to have a church family who cared, prayed for us and a pastor (Van) who called to check on us.  How blessed we are that we have that blessed hope that we will ALL be together again when we all get to heaven and what a day that will be!

We love you and appreciate our North Side church family.  

God bless you all,
Mark and Cathy Collier

Diane Allen does more things behind the scenes for classes and individuals that anyone I know.  She is a true gift to this church and to so many others.

I am blessed with the ability to play and win a tournament in volleyball.  I am thankful for the church, the teachers, and my parents for feeding me, for Pastor Van and the deacons.  I am just thankful for Jesus and God.  I’m thankful for everything.  

Emily Grudt

The people and the Spirit of NSBC is above all.  From the Pastor all the way to the smallest child.  God is blessing NSBC and all of us.  Praise the Lord!!

I thank God for giving me the patience for forgiveness and for taking a heavy burden off my heart.  He placed key people in my life that helped me and taught me how to forgive and how to move on.  I am thankful for my family, my fiancĂ© and Lady B. McClellan.  

Landon Meeker

I am so thankful that Jesus has come into my heart and I have been saved.  

Blaine Shaw

In 2008 my dad, David Wilson, died of a heart attack.  Thankfully after that, we were able to move to Weatherford where we could be close to family members.  God has helped me and my mom through this.  

Preston Lunceford

I am so thankful for coming to Weatherford and meeting such wonderful people that invited me to NSBC.  I can’t say enough about everyone.  God took me through some bad times, but that is in the past.  Thank you God, Marie Elliot
I am thankful for God, my family, and my friends. 

Hailey Little

I praise God for sending Perry and me to North Side, the integrity of the people, their eagerness to do things for others in need, the many opportunities to find peace of ministry.  And I love the loving spirit of Gary Wood.

Jo and Perry Cheatham

I’m dealing with mine and my husband’s mother’s estates.  We found we have non-biological brothers and sisters.  We are only children, but friends (Christian brothers and sisters) appeared on our doorstep and worked for weeks to get an estate sale accomplished.  They brought lunch and tables, worked all day, and supported us through the entire process.  What love and caring!

Our family has been very blessed by this church family when our son, Michael Dinkins, was hospitalized due to being kicked by a horse in the face.  During the week we were at Cooks, there were so many that came to the hospital and that prayed for his healing and we thank God for them.  

Brett and Shanna Dinkins

We have been attending North Side for two years now and just love it!  We feel blessed to be a part of this congregation!  

Steve and Sherry Bezner

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