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The Journeys of Christmas - Shepherds: The Forgotten Ones

The Journeys of Christmas

Shepherds: The Forgotten Ones

Luke 2:8-11

The Christmas story without shepherds wouldn't be the same, would it?  Despite not knowing their names or how many there were, they are more than mere characters in our Nativity sets. The shepherds portray what the Gospel is all about. 


 I.     The Shepherd’s Dilemma Luke 2:8

·  Being ceremonially unclean prohibited the shepherds from entering the temple and worshiping God. 

·  Always uncleanabsent from the temple, and cut off from the presence of God; shepherds were always on the outside looking in.

·  God chose shepherds! This tells me that no one is too far from God!

II.     The Angel’s Declaration Luke 2:9-11

·  The word angel means “messenger.” They have the primary function of delivering the message of God.

·  The angel’s message to the shepherds was good news of great joy.

·  The angel’s message to the shepherds was for all people.

III.     Christ Did Not Just Come To The Shepherds…He Came Because Of Them

·      The word “save” means to “snatch others by force from serious peril.” 


·  Until you embrace the fact that you’re a sinner, you’re not open to embracing the fact that God sent you a Savior.

IV.     The Significance of Acceptance

·  Our Father desires to bring us all into His embrace through His Son, Jesus Christ.

·  Just to be clear, God does not intend to leave you in your sin, but to transform your life and bring the peace and joy He promises.  It’s called sanctification.


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