Sunday, September 19, 2021

Preparation Precedes Blessing

Preparation Precedes Blessing
Galatians 6:7-10

Pictures from scripture seem to teach that God blesses us individually in direct response to personal obedience to His revealed will.  There are some things we can learn from God’s interaction with man revealed through His Word.  

The sovereignty of God does not always override the disobedience of men. 

Power in life is found in God's wisdom, as well as His person.

The man who displays faith is the man who ACTS as if God has provided, even BEFORE God has provided, ENABLING God to provide.

I.  NO WATER...Until The Ditches Were Dug

·      We are a people of un-displayed faith. We speak of what God did after the reception of a blessing, rather than prior to receiving, so God won't get a bad name. 

·      True faith is based on the promises of God, not the desires of man.   

II. NO OIL...Until The Vessels Were Gathered

·      Here is the picture of God's provision for our debts.  

·      Our ability to receive is in direct proportion to our preparation

·      Stewardship is more than money; it is a lifestyle.  

·      Scarcity is often not the result of having no provision, but the wasting of what was provided.  

III. NO HEALING...Until The Leper Dipped Seven Times 

·      One question we need to ask God is not only "how" but "how long.”

·      The persistency of a person displays the quality of belief in who it is that will provide.

IV. NO HARVEST...Until The Ground Has Been Broken

·      God still does work in stages.

·      Spiritual wisdom needs the foundation of Biblical understanding.

V. NO REAPING... Without Sowing

·      You cannot sow worship and reap evangelism.

·      You cannot sow physical ritual and reap spiritual power.

VI. NO GROWING... Without Going


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