Sunday, March 12, 2017

Don’t Jump Ship…

Acts 27:31-32

Have you ever been ripped off? Have you ever cried, “Unfair!” Have you ever ordered a 10-piece chicken nugget meal and only got 9 nuggets? Have you ever ordered something from EBay only to find that you didn’t receive what was advertised? Life is not fair, and it is full of injustices, both big and small. It may surprise you to know that God can and will use those injustices to bring about His grand plan.

I. Injustices In Life Are Inevitable
  • There are times—maybe you’re in one right now—when the wind is howling, the waves are rising, and you find yourself saying, ‘that’s it. I’m out of here. I’m jumping ship…
II. Life Is Not Fair, Sometimes You Will Get Tricked, Cheated, And Done Wrong
  • When God is in control of your life, sometimes what you believe and perceive to be injustice is in reality, God’s perfect plan. 
  • At the end of his life, Jacob realized that what he thought was a trick, and unfair, ended up being the biggest blessing in his life.
  • If you bail out, understand this: You will miss the birthing of something incredible and wonderful because there are no tricks in the life of a child of God.
III. Life Is Found On Board The Ship
  • If you can just hang in there, Jesus will come through in a way that is beyond your ability to comprehend right now; just don’t jump ship.

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