Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sermon notes for Father's Day

Job Description for a Spiritual Leader:
1. The leader should be committed to and led by God to do His work with those in their charge.
2. The leader should share faith on a regular basis with the family.
3. The leader should be religious in participation with the church.
4. The leader should apply spiritual principles to the administration of the home.
5. The leader should require respect for others as God’s creation and model that respect in actions.
6. The leader should protect the home from the invasion of ungodly or dangerous media.
7. The leader should introduce children to other godly individuals who will assist in supporting the beliefs of the home.
8. The leader should show personal discipline in moral, ethical and spiritual matters.
9. The leader should intimately know the strengths and weaknesses of those in the home to encourage and strengthen them against failure.
10. The leader should be responsible to establish high value on each person in the home celebrating their uniqueness as God’s creation.
Fatherly things in a fatherly way:
·        Loves without condition
·        Protects as a warrior
·        Guides with wisdom
·        Encourages with enthusiasm
·        Forgives with a whole heart
·        Brings joy and gladness to life
·        Provides without complaint
·        Leads through relationship
·        Nurtures without antagonizing
·        Disciplines without destroying
·        Empowers his children without arrogance
·        Serves with humility
·        Counsels without condemnation
·        Comforts with strength and compassion

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