Sunday, March 1, 2020

Counting On A Comeback

Counting On A Comeback
Jeremiah 31:15-17
The greatest sorrow for a parent is to see a son or a daughter walk away or turn his or her back on God. Comfort can only be found in prayer and faith in a God who loves our children more than we do.

I.   We Have an Enemy Who is Out to Destroy Our Children.

·      Satan specifically targets those whom he sees as being his biggest threat – those with the greatest potential for God.
·      Satan is always the greatest factor when it comes to rebelling against God.
·      Neither God nor Jesus beat themselves up because of the bad choices made by the ones they loved, who were influenced by the devil, and neither should you.  
·      You are not a victim of your circumstances, but a product of your choices.

II.  We Have a Father In Heaven who Passionately Loves Our Children.

·      There must come a time when weeping becomes trusting and tears turn to hope as you wait for your kids to “come back” where they belong.
·      Faith is the only thing that aligns God and man properly
·      It’s not how much faith one can have that matters; it’s knowing how faith works that counts the most.
·      The battle for “comeback” kids is fought by prayer and won
by faith.
·      This message is also for those who are separated from God themselves.

·      It’s time to put more faith in God than in the doubt that runs through your mind.

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