Sunday, November 29, 2020

Jesus Is _______ Part 1


Jesus Is _____
Ephesians 6:18

The shepherds that watched over their flocks by night in the biblical account of Jesus’ birth were not men who were revered or esteemed highly by the society in which they lived. However, it is through their involvement in the birth of Christ that we can understand the hope that Jesus brought into the world the night He was born.

      I.     There is Hope in Christ Because No One is Too 

·  Many people consider themselves not worthy enough 
for God. 

·  What makes us acceptable to God is not our behavior but the free gift of salvation that comes through Jesus. 

    II.     There is Hope in Christ Because 
All Are Invited to Come and Experience Him. 

·  The Shepherds were given an invitation to go and 
see for themselves. 

·  The invitation given to the shepherds is still given to us today.

   III.     There is Hope in Christ Because He Changes Everyone Who Comes to Him

·  The shepherds were changed because they experienced Jesus.

·  We become changed people when we experience Jesus.

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