Sunday, July 11, 2021

Life Lessons – Dealing With Emotions

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Life Lessons – Dealing With Emotions 

Ephesians 4:17-32

In Paul's letter to the Ephesians, he addresses what the Christian has become in a new relationship with Christ. In this passage he gives us the very things we need to properly deal with our emotions.  

I. Learn the Value of the Truth  v.25

II. Learn How to Handle Emotions v.26-27

·  Emotions are powerful forces that can destroy relationships, peace and success when mishandled in life.

·  The attitude of the home is equal to the environment in which we exist. 

·  Emotions are barometers of our inner feelings. 

·  Deal with your emotions or your emotions will deal with you.

·  Emotional disorders are often created by improper "learned" responses to normal emotions. 

Depression = Anger turned inward

Anxiety = The repression of a truth about life

·  Children are Receptors and Reflectors.  – Eighty percent of all behavior is modeled behavior.

Anger as An Example 

·  The first command to “be angry” is qualified by the three prohibitions that follow.

1.    Do not sin. The command is not to avoid anger, but to avoid sinful anger.  Don’t get so angry that you sin. 

2.     Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry. Don't nurse anger. 

3.    Do not give the devil an opportunity.  BEING ANGRY DOES NOT GIVE YOU RIGHTS.  

The Danger of Anger v.31  

·      The Progression of Anger

  • Bitterness reflects a smoldering resentment, a brooding, grudge-filled attitude. 
    An individual who is often angered is one who is often hurt.
  • Wrath has to do with rage. The word means to burn.
    You don’t have to use words to hurt someone with anger. 
  • Anger is internal smoldering. Wrath is what we feel on the inside, but anger is what we show on the outside
  • Clamor reflects the outburst that reveals loss of control; loud quarreling.
  • Slander is the ongoing defamation of someone that rises from a bitter heart. 
  • Malice - Malevolence is wishing to invoke harm on others. 

·      Unrighteous anger is like fire…it only destroys.

Faith at Home

·      Talk to you child about emotions. Help them understand how to think about and express what they are feeling. 

·      Ask your child how it makes them feel when you are angry.


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